Randall Blum

Experienced Millennial Consultant with Top Companies

Randall Blum, CEO/President of The Millennial Consulting Group, is an established business leader who has developed a unique niche within today's business environment. His consulting organization, founded in 2018 with office operations in Dallas, Des Moines, and Denver, has consulted with Fortune 500 corporations throughout the country on a variety of issues related to the strength of the Millennial Workforce. Blum's approach involves seminars and training aimed at senior executives on topics ranging from attracting/retaining Millennials to engaging/developing Millennials to leadership roles. His efforts created both 'The Millennial Profile' (a new process for the hiring of talented Millennials) and the 'My Professional Future' (a measurable career template for Millennials within an organization). In addition, his innovative program requires that all Millennials within an organization are assigned to existing, strategic work groups where they are encouraged to offer solutions to major corporate initiatives. This effort has strengthened bonds between millennials and the corporations they serve far beyond relaxed dress codes and work-from-home options. As part of the process, Blum conducts thousands of surveys and focus groups to identify the psychological and professional factors that are predictors of Millennial performance and loyalty.

Prior to launching his consulting firm, Randall Blum was a business dean at a private university in the Midwest and a corporate executive with a national banking organization. Born February 2, 1965, Blum is also a renowned speaker who has been invited throughout the country to share his insights on the power of the Millennial workforce.

Beyond his consulting work, Randall Blum is involved with several charitable organizations (March-of-Dimes, Doctors Without Borders, American Cancer Society). Most recently he is working with a variety of corporations to create a charitable organization to fund college scholarships for students from single-parent households.


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Randall Blum